Small Spectacle about Unattainable

Video installation.
Diagonal division wall, sandblasted plastic balls, lenses, real-time camera, video monitors, surrounding space.
silent, 2003.

Small Spectacle about Unattainable plays with the experience of presence in the context of real vs. imaginary space.

Small Spectacle about Unattainable – structure of the installation

A straight diagonal wall covered with black velvet divides a square room into two parts, one of which is accessible to the spectator. In the center point of this wall is mounted a lens that produces a camera obscura -image of the other side. The image fits exactly on the opposite surfaces on the spectator’s side (floor to ceiling, wall to opposite wall,…). The space one enters is therefore an (up-side-down) image of the other side. In addition, on small holes in the dividing wall are attached sandblasted plastic balls with lenses that focus and reflect camera obscura -images of the other side on their surfaces. A couple of these balls reflect a real-time video image of the spectator’s side, and because this side is an image of the other side, on these balls the spectator thus sees himself simultaneously “being in the other side.”