Video installation. Edition: 6
2K, ProRes 4444, 10min 00sec, stereo, 2013.


Collection of Saastamoinen Foundation
Collection of Heino Art Collection
Collection of Serlachius Art Museum

The theme of Transit revolves around the collective visual ideas and notions of the urban environment. Through the use of camera movements, angles and framing, the documentary shots taken in New York build up into a fictitious urban space whose visual familiarity stems from the history of film.

Transit – structure of the installation

Transit needs a space of its own that is darkened and echoless – walls possibly covered with curtains and the floor carpeted to control the acoustics. The video is projected on a white wall, and the exact area of the projected image is painted dark grey – the dark areas of the image are darker than the surrounding white wall. This creates a more contrasty image and an impression of three dimensional appearance.