Rome dérive I

Video. Edition: 5
DV PAL, 16:9, 2min 05sec, silent, 2006.

Rome Dérive I maps and scans the cityscape: lights of cars sweep the walls of buildings, the shadow of sun projecting on the street moves with the day, a radar image travels on extensive space.

In Rome Dérive I-III video-series, Astala has filmed the city of Rome in different perspectives. The video material, especially in Rome derive I & II, was brought forth by random encounters, as a result of ‘drifting’ (dériver).

Urban space is on a general level a place for arrivals and departures, a flow of non-returnable moments. The notion of the eternal city all too easily creates an image of a static, even massive and heavy, permanent place. In these works Rome appears light and unattainable, changing and amorphous. It is a city passing by and streaming around you, its fixed points forever growing dim.